Home Ownership Requires A New Approach

Saving to buy your first home? These days, how you save is just as important as how much you save. You need to be smarter, innovative, and take advantage of all the options available to you. Here’s something else you need – the smartest financial planning in NZ. And that’s where we come in.

Meta Financial Solutions has a special interest in helping first home buyers. Our assistance is not always the conventional financial advice you might receive from a bank or any of our competitors. In today’s housing market, with higher deposits and unprecedented demand for fewer homes, a traditional savings plan might not be enough.

You obviously have a goal to reach, but on the way there you must explore every avenue where additional savings can be found. You have to be aware of all the options – and you probably have more than you think. It’s our job to help you uncover these opportunities and turn them into extra savings.

Our existing clients are often surprised how much can be saved when we become their financial advisers. For example, we often calculate their existing debts and determine if we can consolidate these to make savings. In one case, we saved a client $720 per month, and that was used to boost their KiwiSaver contributions for their first home deposit.

This is typical of our innovative thinking. Many of our ideas have been brought together in our First Home Masterplan, a free e-book available for you to download. It will help you better understand your financial situation and what you need to do to become a smarter saver. It will also encourage you to take a reality check as well. That includes asking some tough questions – what we learn from your honest answers can be used to accelerate your savings.

As we mentioned before, every option needs to be put on the table. We’ll make sure you’re aware of them. For example, we can advise you of what Government help may be available to tilt the balance in your favour, particularly if you are a KiwiSaver member. As well as our financial advice, we have created a simple tool that allows us to create an investment timeline. It’s all part of the plan; saving what you need to buy your first home.

Even if you’re not actively looking right now, you can set yourself up for future success by finding out more about what we do, including the First Home Masterplan. This will give you a head start when it’s time to buy. And if you’ve given up on buying because you think it’s all too hard in today’s climate, contact us and let’s put a positive plan in place.  A new approach could make all the difference.

it is super quick and easy for us to determine if we can help. You only have to complete one form on your phone, tablet or PC for Meta Financial to work out when you can get into a home.

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