Why are Wills so Important and Why You Need One


A will is one of life’s essential legal documents people need to consider. To protect your hard-earned assets and provide for loved ones, having a will gives you peace of mind. The law is inflexible about what happens to your possessions if you die without one.

Debt to Income Ratios – How they Might Affect You in New Zealand.

Will the new DTIs be order or chaos?

The Reserve Bank (RBNZ) is overhauling the criteria for mortgage lending in New Zealand. It plans to put in place debt-to-income ratios (DTI) by the middle of 2024. The goal is to cut risks to financial stability, and support sustainable house price growth. Most banks have already rolled out the changes to Mortgage Brokers.

The Return of Interest Deductibility for Landlords in New Zealand

Associate Finance Minister David Seymour has announced the Coalition Government’s final plans they have been working since the election. He said in a statement this week (March 10th 2024). Landlords can claim 80% of their interest expenses from April 1, 2024. They can claim 100 percent from April 1, 2025, onwards.