For most people taking out a mortgage will be the biggest financial decision that they make. Whether you are buying your first home, reviewing your current mortgage or looking to invest in property, we will guide you through the process with impartial, objective advice.

First Home Loan

Knowing where to start can be the hardest thing, and a bit scary! We’ll help you navigate the many different interest rates and repayment options to secure the right mortgage loan for you.

We have good relationships with all the major banks and other financial institutions so that you have more opportunities to find the best solution. We’ll help with the application criteria and pre-approval process as well as taking the hassle out of dealing with banks and other lenders by negotiating on your behalf. There’s no time like the present – come and talk to us, even if you haven’t started looking for a property yet.

My Current Home

We don’t just help first time buyers. We give ongoing support to current homeowners who may wish to borrow some extra cash to refresh or renovate their homes, or just to take advantage of the latest and best rates. Maybe you need to extend your home for the kids or parents, add a ‘sleep-out’, minor dwelling or tiny house – we’d love to help!

We can help you restructure when a fixed interest loan is coming up for expiry, or your personal circumstances change. Whatever the reason, it may be the perfect time to review what is available. Reducing your mortgage to take years off your repayments may be more achievable than you think.

Investment Property

Properties are highly valuable assets and owning an investment property (or more) could be a good way to grow your future wealth. Whatever the political landscape, we’ll give you objective, practical advice to work out what’s possible right now.

We’ll work with you to see if the numbers stack up using equity in your current portfolio, the deposit you will need, and the likely ongoing costs. We’ll also look at what yield you are likely to receive from rental income, provide projections on when you will be debt free, and the future value of your portfolio. We’ll refer you to our trusted network of Investment Property experts and point you in the right direction for tax and legal advice that you may need in the future.


Repayment ScheduleYour Minimum Payment$0.00Loan Amount$520,000Number of Repayments270Interest Payable$139,000Total Payable$659,000Get In Touch

We all know by now that good financial advice can either make you, or save you, a lot of money! But do you know the 50 things that a Financial Adviser does for you? That’s why Meta Financial Solutions specialises in Forward-thinking financial advice.

Looking to buy your first home but thought it was years away? We can help.

Some sellers may choose to sell their property privately without a real estate agent. If you are interested in a property that is being sold privately,

A Non-Bank lender, previously referred to as a 'Second Tier Lender', is an organisation you can borrow money from for a home loan, business purchase or cashflow reasons, construction or property development, debt repayment or finance of an asset.

When you are looking to buy a house there are two separate “deposits” that get discussed.

There is the deposit that you pay to the real estate agent (the purchase deposit) and there is the amount you need so the bank will lend you the rest of the purchase price (the equity deposit) to ensure the lender does not have too higher exposure against the property.

Meta Financial presents top tips for your investment property in New Zealand. Here is expert advice on ways to navigate property investment. TIP #1: Claiming all expenses, even the little ones, accumulate over time and can add up to a significant sum of money.

Saving to buy your first home? These days, how you save is just as important as how much you save. You need to be smarter, innovative, and take advantage of all the options available to you. Here’s something else you need - the smartest financial planning in NZ. And that’s where we come in.

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This calculator is intended as a guide only and is based on the Residential Owner Occupied rate. It is not intended to provide advice, and is not a quote or an offer of finance by any lender.