Keep unexpected expenses at bay with the right type of insurance products for you and your family.

We’ll assess the risk of something harmful or unexpected happening and give you comprehensive and tailor-made advice to understand the often bewildering array of insurance options out there.

That way, you can protect what’s most important to you without paying more than you need!

Income Protection

Peace of mind, just in case you are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Income Protection Insurance essentially enables you to protect your earnings by insuring a proportion of your income, typically up to 75%. It will pay you a monthly amount so that, in the event that you can’t work or are not earning, you still have money coming in to cover essential outgoings. ACC will cover most physical injuries if they’re caused by an accident or specific event, however illness accounts for over 80% of people off work who are therefore not eligible for ACC.

We’ll help you choose the plan that is right for you so that you can focus on recovery.

Life Insurance

Achieve ultimate peace of mind and protect your loved ones in the tragic event of death or terminal illness.

Life insurance is a policy which pays out a lump sum benefit for those you leave behind if you pass away or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Having the right life insurance in place will change the financial impact your passing will have on your loved ones, and insurers will often pay out a portion of the cover early to help cover funeral and other expenses, such as helping family members to travel home.

We’ll discuss with you the level of insurance that suits your needs as part of a wider insurance portfolio.

Trauma Insurance

Expect the unexpected and ease the financial burden on your loved ones if you suffer a critical illness or injury. Focus on recovery rather than worrying about finances.

Trauma insurance – also known as critical illness cover – is becoming increasingly important as part of an overall insurance portfolio as medical science advances and we continue to have a much greater chance of surviving a serious condition.

Trauma Insurance will pay a lump sum if you suffer a predetermined health condition such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. The difference with many other types of insurance is that how you use the funds is completely up to you, giving you extra financial support when you need it most.

Business Insurance

Running a business is not always plain sailing, which is why the right type of business insurance will help keep the outlook calm.

Business insurance can seem complex with so many options to choose from; what’s right for a tradesman may not be so relevant for a beauty therapist. If a business loses a key employee, owner, or partner, the consequences can be significant. We’ll sit with you to give you a better understanding of the types of cover available and help you answer the question: “What could go wrong, and have I got it covered?”

Health Insurance

A comprehensive health insurance policy will provide you and your family faster access to the best medical care, and the world’s best medicine, when you need it most.

Whilst the public health system will look after you if you fall gravely ill or have a medical emergency, waiting lists for non-urgent elective care have only grown longer over recent times, and this can have a big impact on your quality of life.

We’ll help you choose the right cover for you, with the most suitable provider and clarify exactly what you are covered for. Yes – we’ll read the small print! We can even help smooth the claims process should you need it.

Lifetime Income Calculator

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